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Televon: Guess and Win

Televon: Guess and Win

May 12, 2020 Simone Seagle

This project, completed last October, is the first of a couple of projects that I've been remiss in adding to my website. I actually have LinkedIn ProFinder to thank for this project! It was a first (and so far an only) lead generated through LinkedIn, but it was a great experience and outside of my normal purview. Televon was a wonderful company to work for and I really enjoyed it.

I built this app using Vue for the UI and Electron for deployment. The general idea of the interactive is to generate leads at a conference and to give out prizes. In order to keep track of the inventory of prizes and emails collected, the app uses JSON with a simple custom administrator interface/ CMS. This keeps it easy to install because I didn't bother with a Mongo or MySQL database that would have been massive overkill for the amount of data that was needed.

It was an interesting experience to be thinking more about helping collect people's information (willingly!!) and engage them to generate leads, which is much different than my usual educational focus. But it taught me a lot about how to keep an interface engaging and easy to use on a limited touchscreen and having to enter multiple fields of information. The development and deployment process was nice and smooth with Electron and Vue, and it wasn't even necessary for me to install on the Surface Tablets myself. All in all, a great quick and enjoyable project.