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Movie Trees

Enter a movie name below to see it visualized as a fractal tree!


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-- 2020 update! -- For quite a while I've been wanting to relaunch this project because it was so much fun to make and HOPEFULLY to use. I finally bit the bullet and decided to pay to use the OMDb API to download the data and the posters. I've also learned quite a bit since this was originally made in 2015, and then converted for my website in 2016. It was kind of weird to work on because I originally used some jQuery (party like it's 2009) because it's already bundled with my site. Also, in order to protect my OMDb API key, I spent some time developing a just-for-me Pico CMS plugin. As much as I love Pico, the plugin development API is really not well documented. Bless its heart.

I made the Movie Trees interactive as a final project for my Algorithms class in fall 2015. I use a recursive algorithm to generate the tree based on data from the Open Movie Database. If you want to read more about how it works, check out my blog post.

I've had a couple instances of the OMDB service being down, so I apologize if that happens.