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Project Videos

Project Videos

May 2, 2017 Simone Seagle

I've taken pictures and written about a lot of my kiosk-based projects, but it makes much more sense to see them in action. Unfortunately, I can't link to them because they're in WPF isolated from the internet.

Finally I got around to uploading and editing some videos I've taken of Sim Pueblo, Pioneers of the Atom, and The Element Factory. I spent a little bit of time wondering what I should use to edit the videos, and then settled on Photoshop. Yes, you can use Photoshop to do video editing! Crazy, right? You can't do anything particularly fancy, but all I needed was to add opening and ending screens and slap on an audio track. Photoshop is perfect for that. Anyway, check these videos out.

The Element Factory

Pioneers of the Atom

Sim Pueblo