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Content Roulette!

Spin the wheel to generate an idea! You'll get a set or piece of content and an educational goal that you need to achieve using that content. Some of them will be hard, if not impossible, so get ready. If you want to see the game in full-screen mode, click here.

I developed this game with my co-presenters for a session at the Mountain-Plains Museum Association and New Mexico Association of Museum joint conference in Albuquerque in September of 2019. For more information on the talk or to see the slides, you can read about that here.

The art is Edvard Munch's At The Roulette Table in Monte Carlo from 1892. Edvard Munch is portraying the tension at the roulette wheel as people wait in rapt attention for the outcome of the spin.

In order to make the animation, I picked a few elements from the original painting and cut them out with Photoshop. These pieces all follow a general functionality where they wobble as the angle of the wheel changes. The ticks are generated in code in the shape of an ellipse and rotate around the center as the wheel "spins." I used PixiJS to load and animate the sprites.

The goals and content are randomly selected at the time of the spin and only appear when the animation is almost over.

If you like this roulette game, you might also be interested in one that I created for another talk that generates projects to use Open Access artwork!